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Treasures A-Z

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Alvin Ailey 


Alvin Ailey 

American Ballet Theatre

(1940- )

ABT poster, 1990

American Bandstand


American Bandstand, Showtime Archives (Toronto)/Pictoral Press

American Dance Festival 

(1934- ) 

ADF logo


Fred Astaire 


Fred Astaire, photo courtesy of NYPL


Charles "Cholly" Atkins


Cholly Atkins and Honi Coles



Josephine Baker


Josephine Baker’s iconic banana skirt costume, which made her a sensation in Paris when she appeared at the Folies Bergère in 1926.

George Balanchine 


George Balanchine, photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson



Balasaraswati, Photo courtesy of Jacob's Pillow

Ballet Russe


Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, circa 1940s

Mikhail Baryshnikov

(1948- )

Mikhail Baryshnikov in Apollo, New York City Ballet, 1978

Ann Barzel - NEW!


Ann Barzel portrait

Michael Bennett


Bennington School of Dance


Martha Graham and Company, 1941, photo by Hans Knopf

Busby Berkeley


By a Waterfall, staged by Berkeley


Adolph Bolm


Adolph Bolm, circa 1909, photograph by Maurice Goldberg

Joan Myers Brown - NEW!

(1931 - )

Joan Myers Brown

Trisha Brown

(1936- )

John W. Bubbles


John Bubbles in Porgy and Bess



Irene & Vernon Castle

(1893-1969; 1887-1918) 

Irene and Vernon Castle, photo by Moffett

Charleston, The

(ca. 1903)

Josephine Baker in 1926 performing the Charleston, photograph by Stanislaus Julian Waverly 


Lucia Chase



Lucia Chase in Michel Fokine's Les Sylphides, with American Ballet Theatre, 1940 


Christensen Brothers


(ca 1902-2001)


Lew Christensen, photograph by George Platt Lynes  


Clark Center for the Performing Arts - NEW!


Clark Center Program, 1960

Jack Cole


Jack Cole, Florence Lessing and cast; courtesy of NYPL

Honi Coles


 Honi Coles, Photo by Kenn Duncan

Aaron Copland


Aaron Copland, photo courtesy of Library of Congress

Merce Cunningham


Merce Cunningham by John Lindquist


Asadata Dafora


Asadata Dafora, photo by Eileen Darby

Jacques d'Amboise

(1934- ) 

Jacques d'Amboise in Balanchine's Apollo, by John Dominis

Dance Notation Bureau

(1940- )

excerpt from George Balanchine's Symphonie Concertante - Notation courtesy of the Dance Notation Bureau, Inc

Dance Theater Workshop


Dance Theatre

of Harlem

(1969- )


Alexandra Danilova


Alexandra Danilova, photo by Constantine


Chuck Davis

(1937- )

Chuck Davis, photo by Bruce R. Feeley


Carmen de Lavallade 

(1931- )

 Carmen de Lavallade in Ailey's Blue Suite, photo by Eric Smith

Agnes de Mille


 Agnes de Mille photo by Maurice Seymour

Edwin Denby


Jane Dudley


Jane Dudley in Swing Your Lady, photo by Barbara Morgan


Isadora Duncan 


 Isadora Duncan in La Marseillaise (1916) , photo by Arnold Genthe

Katherine Dunham


Katherine Dunham in L'Ag'Ya, 1938, photo courtesy of LOC


Eye on Dance NEW!


Kevin McKenzie and Clark Tippet are seen in a studio rehearsal, Image courtesy of Celia Ipiotis



Garth Fagan  

(1940- )

Garth Fagan portrait, by Annie Lennox

Federal Dance Project


Salut au Monde, 1937 

Suzanne Farrell

 (1945- ) 

Suzanne Farrell, photo by Martha Swope 

Bob Fosse 


Bob Fosse, courtesy of Library of Congress

Frederic Franklin

(1914- ) 

Frederic Franklin, photograph by Maurice Seymour

 Loïe Fuller 


 Fuller, photo by B.J. Falk


Savion Glover

(1973- )

Martha Graham


Poster by Ben Shahn, 1963 

 José Greco


Jose Greco, photo courtesy of New York Public Library

Anna Halprin

(1920- )

Anna Halprin

Erick Hawkins


Erick Hawkins, 1944, photo courtesy of Library of Congress

Margaret H'Doubler


Margaret H'Doubler, photo courtesy of University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives.

Gregory Hines


Gregory Hines, photo by Martha Swope 



Hip-hop dancers from Rennie Harris Puremovement, Photograph courtesy of Bob Emmott

Hanya Holm


Hanya Holm, 1937, Photograph by Benedict Frenkel 

Lester Horton


Lester Horton, photo by Constantine 


Hula Kahiko, photo by Denis Oda 

Doris Humphrey 


Doris Humphrey 

 Sol Hurok


Sol Hurok, photo courtesy of NYPL 


Michio Ito - NEW!


Michio Ito portrait


Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson

Jacob's Pillow

(1933- )

Ted Shawn Theatre at Jacob's Pillow, photo by Nancy Totko

Jerome Robbins Dance DivisionNYPL

(1944- )

Jerome Robbins Dance Collection NYPL


Robert Joffrey


Jerome Robbins, photo by Erika Davidson

Bill T. Jones


Bill T. Jones, 1998, photo by Susan Kuklin

Master Juba 

(c. 1825-1852) 

Master Juba, Illustrated News, 1848


 Judson Dance Theater

(founded 1962)


Alonzo King - NEW!

(1952 - )

King teaching class, 1980s


Gene Kelly


Gene Kelly, courtesy of NYPL


 Lincoln Kirstein


Kirstein and Balanchine,

La Meri

(1898 - 1985)

John Lindquist, from Houghton Library

Bella Lewitzky


Bella Lewitzky, courtesy of NYPL 

 Eugene Loring


Eugene Loring, photo by Fritz Henle

José Limón


Jose Limon courtesy of NYPL 

'Iolani Luahine 


painting of 'Iolani Luahine by Shelley Grisbrook,

Lar Lubovitch - NEW!


Photo by John Van Lund, 1971

John Martin


Martin with Ann Hutchinson Guest and Lincoln Kirstein, photo courtesy of Dance Notation Bureau

Sophie Maslow


Sophie Maslow in Folksay (1942), photo from American Dance Festival

Matteo and

Carola Goya

(formed 1954)

Matteo and Carola Goya photo by John Lindquist 

Donald McKayle

(1931- )

Donald McKayle (1963) courtesy of NYPL

Meredith Monk

(1942- )

Meredith Monk, photo by Monica Moseley

Lillian Moore


Lillian Moore, photograph by John Lindquist

Mark Morris 

(1956- ) 

Mark Morris, photograph by Beatriz Schiller

 Arthur Murray  


Arthur Murray, photo courtesy of New York Public Library



Native American Dance  

Rosebud Sioux, photo courtesy of the Heard Museum

NEA Dance Program

(1965- )

New Dance Group


New Dance Group in Improvisation, 1932, photo courtesy of Library of Congress

New York City Ballet


Melissa Hayden and members of NYCB, photo by Martha Swope

Nicholas Brothers

(1914-2006; 1921-2000)

The Nicholas Brothers, photo by James J. Kriegsmann 

Bronislava Nijinska


Bronislava Nijinska, photo courtesy of Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 

Alwin Nikolais


1959 work Allegory, photo courtesy of New York Public Library 

Isamu Noguchi - NEW!


Cave Heart (1946) Set, from Martha Graham Collection

Rudolph Nureyev


Nutcracker, The

Act I Scene I of the Nutcracker, photo by Frederick Melton 

Ruth Page


Ruth Page, photo courtesy of NYPL


 Anna Pavlova


Anna Pavlova in the Dragonfly

 Pilobolus - NEW!

Photo by Tim Matson, courtesy of Pilobolus Dance Theater

 Eleanor Powell


Eleanor Powell, photo courtesy of NYPL

Pearl Primus


Pearl Primus in Folk Dance, 1945



Jerome Robbins


Robbins on set of West Side Story, photo from United Artists


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, photo courtest of NYPL

 Rockettes, The

(1932- )

Ginger Rogers - NEW!


Ginger Rogers (1936) in Follow the Fleet



Ruth St. Denis


Ruth St. Denis, photo courtesy of Jacob's Pillow


San Francisco Ballet

(1933- )

SF Ballet, photo courtesy of NYPL

 Savoy Ballroom


Savoy Ballroom, Bettmann/Corbis


Bessie Schönberg


Bessie Schönberg, photo courtesy of NYPL

 School of American Ballet 

(1934- ) 

School of American Ballet, photo courtesy of NYPL


Ted Shawn


Ted Shawn, photo courtesy of Jacob's Pillow

Oliver Smith 



Anna Sokolow


Anna Sokolow, courtesy of Jose Limon Foundation 

 Square Dance

Square dance, courtesy of NYPL

 Swing Dance 

Swing dance demonstration, 1943, photo by Gjon Mili

Maria Tallchief 


Maria Tallchief in George Balanchine's The Four Temperaments


 Helen Tamiris 


Helen Tamiris photo by Soichi Sunami

 Paul Taylor 

(1930- )  

Paul Taylor at Jacob's Pillow, photo by John Lindquist


Twyla Tharp 

(1941- )

Twyla Tharp in Sue's Leg, photo by Photofest


Jennifer Tipton  

(1937- ) 

 Antony Tudor


Hugh Laing, Maude Lloyd, Antony Tudor, and Peggy van Praagh in Tudor's Jardin aux Lilas (1936), photo courtesy of NYPL


Urban Bush Women - NEW!

(1984- )

Urban Bush Women


Edward Villella

 (1936- ) 

Edward Villella in Balanchine's "Prodigal Son" courtesy of NYPL

 Charles Weidman 


Charles Weidman (1931), photo courtesy of NYPL